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What is FUZEON, and how is it designed to work?   

Why is FUZEON an injection?    

Is FUZEON right for a patient who hasn’t been on anti-HIV treatment?

Is resistance testing mandatory?      

Who should not take FUZEON?         

What results have been seen with FUZEON?           

What should I do if I miss a dose of FUZEON?         

What should I do if I take too much FUZEON?    

Does food affect FUZEON?

What else should I discuss with my doctor about FUZEON?            

How should I store FUZEON?    

Does my doctor need to know if I am pregnant or plan to become pregnant before I take FUZEON?

Site Reactions and Hypersensitivity FAQs

Will I get injection site reactions (ISRs)?

How long will my injection site reaction (ISR) last?    

Why might my injection site reaction (ISR) last more than 7 days?    

My injection site is itching. What should I do?    

What should I do if an injection site reaction (ISR) is warm to the touch?     

What should I do if I think my injection site reaction (ISR) is infected?          

My injection site reaction (ISR) is painful. What should I do?

Why do I still have a small bump at some of my injection sites—even after the reaction is gone?   

What are the hypersensitivity reactions associated with FUZEON?

Are there side effects associated with Biojector® 2000?    

Can patients with HIV get bacterial pneumonia more often than patients without HIV?

Can FUZEON cause serious allergic reactions?

What other side effects have patients reported after taking FUZEON?    

FUZEON Preparation FAQs

How long does it take to reconstitute FUZEON?

Is there a way that I can make FUZEON dissolve faster?

What should I do if I see bubbles, foam, or gel in my vial of FUZEON?

Can I mix FUZEON with my other injectable medications?

Can I mix 2 doses of FUZEON at once and store one for later?

Can reconstituted FUZEON be stored in the syringe in the refrigerator?

My vial of reconstituted FUZEON was mistakenly frozen. Can it still be used?

Can reconstituted FUZEON be safely used immediately after it is removed from refrigeration?

Do I have to put the sterile water in the refrigerator?

My FUZEON has expired. What do I do with it?

Why can't I use the same syringe for preparing and injecting  FUZEON?

What should I do if I get bubbles in the big syringe (3 cc) when I  draw the sterile water?

What should I do if I get bubbles in the small syringe (1 cc) when I draw FUZEON?

How can I prevent air from getting into the syringes when I draw sterile water and/or FUZEON?

FUZEON Injection FAQs

Does my weight affect where I inject?

I'm running out of sites to inject. What should I do?

When should I change injection sites?

Why do I have to pinch the skin?

How do I know if I'm injecting at a 45-degree angle?

How should I inject into the abdomen?

How should I inject into the upper thigh?

How do I give an injection into the back of my arm?

What should I do if I accidentally inject FUZEON into a vein or a muscle?

Following the injection, why is the solution dripping from the injection site?

I am taking other injectable medications. Can I inject into the same site as FUZEON?

Why do I need to put used needles in the sharps container when the safety syringe needle is already covered by the plastic safety cap?

How do I dispose of my sharps container?