Preparation and Injection Tips

Preparation Tips

  • Keep things clean. Before working with the vials, wash and dry your hands. Make sure to wipe down all vial tops after removing the vial caps with a fresh alcohol pad (available at most local pharmacies) and to re-clean these if you accidentally touch the tops.
  • The right stuff. Use the bigger syringe for preparation, and the smaller syringe for FUZEON injection.
  • Slow drip. Slowly inject the sterile water into the FUZEON vial. Let the water drip down the side of the vial.
  • Tap and roll. Lightly tapping and rolling the vial gently between your hands can help FUZEON start to dissolve. Never shake the vial.
  • Dissolve completely. Never inject FUZEON before it is completely dissolved. FUZEON should be clear and without foam.
  • Chill. A mixed vial of FUZEON can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours—so you can mix 2 at once and set one aside for your next dose of FUZEON. Be sure your dose is at room temperature before injecting.
  • Take a turn. Be sure the capped needle is tight by pushing it down slightly while twisting it clockwise.

Injection Tips

  • Bubble trouble. Check the syringe before you inject to make sure there are no bubbles in the liquid.
  • Change it up. Be sure to rotate your injection sites—so that no one spot becomes too tender.
  • Prepare the site. Before you inject, clean the site with a fresh alcohol pad in a circular motion (start in the center and work your way outward).
  • A pinch of skin. FUZEON should be injected into the skin and never into a vein or muscle.
  • Watch out for scar tissue. Avoid injecting FUZEON into hard lumps or scar tissue under the skin.
  • Take it slow. When you inject FUZEON, slowly push the plunger.
  • Cleaning up. When you're done with both syringes, make sure to put them in a sharps container.

It is important to remember the information found on this website is not intended to replace the advice and guidance of your healthcare provider.

To read complete, step-by-step instructions for injecting FUZEON using Terumo® SurGuard2 syringes, download the FUZEON Injection Instructions.