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FUZEON is injected under the skin twice daily. Your healthcare provider will walk you through the steps of FUZEON injection before you begin your treatment.


FUZEON Package:

FUZEON comes in a 30-day kit containing 60 doses of supplies (twice-daily injections).

Each FUZEON package contains the following:


  • 60 vials of FUZEON (2 cartons of 30 each)
  • 60 vials of sterile water for injection (2 cartons of 30 each)
  • Reconstitution syringes (60 of each):
    • Terumo® SurGuard2™ Safety Syringe
    • 3 cc
    • 23-gauge, 1-inch (25-mm) needle
  • Injection syringes (60 of each):
    • Terumo® SurGuard2™ Safety Syringe
    • 1 cc
    • 27-gauge, ½-inch (13-mm) needle


For assistance with any of the items in the FUZEON package, call 1-877-4FUZEON (1-877-438-9366).



Download the complete,

FUZEON Patient Dosing Guide


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If you need a sharps container for needle disposal, Genentech can send you one

FUZEON Injection